Aromatherapy for Sexy Time or Anytime!

Aromatherapy for Sexy Time or Anytime!

I love me some aromatherapy! Good smells are the most enjoyable way for me to relax. As I sat down to really start writing this I took a big wiff of air and realized I didn’t smell anything. So of course I was like, I need to rush to light a candle, some incense or SOMETHING! But after thinking about it… we gon do this without something attacking my nose and so I wont favor one area. Like I was saying aromatherapy is really important to me. It’s a really simple way I can take make myself relax in any moment and re-center myself in whatever mood I'm in. Also the method I choose really depends on my mood, how much I need to relax, what I plan to do or what I am currently doing. A really really basic definition of Aromatherapy is that it can be used as treatment or as a way to prevent disease by use of essential oils. As you probably know or have figured out, I don’t follow rules very well. I do what I want pretty much all of the time. In short, I'm not necessarily fighting and treating ailments, but I put energy into making sure I take care of myself and needs as much as possible.

As a warning, please be careful if you have any allergies or sensitivities to smell or smoke. I am really only able to write about this because I am not sensitive to either. All of this is what works and smells incredible to me, but I try to be sensitive that I am living with a person who is allergic to Lavender! So please be safe and if something starts to irritate you or you notice something isn't right, put that shit out, blow that bitch out, turn that bitch off because it is not worth dying over or your respiratory system getting all fucked up. We play safe out here. Also if you have pets please be careful, I personally don’t have any so I don’t know if any of this isn’t good for them. Research comes in handy when you are unsure. A close friend and I talked about how we like to enjoy our favorite smells so I decided to expand on what I use and why I like the particular products/methods! Please try to remember when practicing anything, other people do it differently or use these tools differently and that’s okay. Move at your own pace. Lets get into the three main ways I enjoy my version of aromatherapy!



This is probably my top way to relax but I will say if you're sensitive to smells or sensitive to smoke this probably wont be a good option for you. Seriously, I'm going to add these warnings all over this bitch because the affects of these irritations are real. I am really lazy when it comes to the incense I use so I don’t think I have a very wide variety of scents. I worked at a co-op here in town so I would just get all my incense from there because it was super convenient and cheap. I actually don’t need to buy incense for a very long time because of that lol. I dig the Kalli brand a lot, it’s a local Minnesota made product and its quality y'all. According to their website they hand roll all their all natural incense every two weeks to ensure a fresh quality product. Some of my favorite incense scents of Kalli are Frankincense and Myrrh, Egyptian Musk, Enchanted Forrest, Lavender Fields and Patchampa. I do have some other favorites that aren’t the Kalli brand, the Blessings incense that I have pictures is a great scent for someone struggling with depression and anxiety. Blessings can be such a chill scent to relax to. Very grounding while not being intrusive to the home. I also have Vampire Blood pictured, this is a good scent if you’re looking to try something new and exotic. I will say if you have any sensitivities, this incense will not work well for you. I rarely have sensitivities and I've noticed I cant light these sticks too often because they are irritating to my face.


Incense is a really good method to use when your moving around the home and getting into different things. Although I do use incense quite frequently when I am just sitting and watching TV or something, I think its much easier to tolerate when you are moving around and not continuously inhaling the same air. Incense gives me a sense of energy that welcomes consistent movement. We used to clean to the house with some incense and music playing and that triggers in me as an adult with my own home to clean and tend too. I also like that because it’s pretty small and skinny you can put incense anywhere, even super out of sight and it still does what it needs to be doing. I find its also deodorizing, which may not be necessarily true in the literal sense but the feeling of the air being cleaner is still a plus. You are releasing smoke indoors though so please try to make sure you are giving your rooms a chance for ventilation and airflow.

Incense Stick

I am still learning about how to use these correctly, but sometimes when I just need a quick release of some energy the woodsy scent these give off is a perfect way to just bring you down a few notches. I may try to incorporate the stick into my tarot readings and deck clearings.

Incense Matches

These can be kind of tricky to light and keep them lit, especially if you don’t have a base for them to rest on. But same as the stick, it can be a quick little refresh in relaxation and calming but the smell isn’t long lasting or overpowering. I'm not sure that the matches I have, have a scent but they do have a pretty basic musk to them.


If we doing tiers a lot of you would put candles in the God-Teir and you would be right because candles are the absolute shit. Except in my opinion, they don’t fucking last long enough and I don’t care what anyone says sometimes the money aren't worth anything you're getting in the package. Depending on where your candle buying allegiance lies, you don’t always get the bang for the buck. A tip I recommend when you decide you need a new candle but don’t want to shell out good candle money, buy the smaller sized candles at Target that range from $5 to $10 and enjoy those until you can make a spendier purchase. Otherwise you can try big department stores that always have household items on some sort of sale, do a DIY project where you can control your own scents and candle longevity or simply wait for your favorite scents to go on sale! Candles are the perfect method to use when you are just sitting around. Too much moving and that flame wont make it honey! I mentioned above that some things can be intrusive while just sitting on the couch lounging, but candles are ideal way to lounge.


Okay! We need to talk about the Bath and Bodyworks Aromatherapy Collection Stress Relief with Eucalyptus and Spearmint. It really, truly is some SHIT! I'm a saver of things I am really really looking forward to using, so it pained the fuck out of me to light this candle while shooting some photographs for this article. But oh my god am I glad I did. This candle was honestly the most relaxing scent I encountered during my day of shooting. It was so pleasant and calming. Most candles can be really mute in the environment, we all know sometimes you cant smell a candle unless its right underneath our fucking noses which is anti the fucking point. But this baby made the whole room smell like unwinding in the spa. It really took me back to my one bourgeois spa experience in Colorado, shit was nice. But I was able to work and focus on the shoot and keep going. I also kept having unique ideas throughout the duration of the lit candle so I have nothing but positive things to say. On the bottom of the candle, its says that eucalyptus oil is used to clear the mind and spearmint oil is used to sooth and uplift. I did decide to let it burn through the top layer of wax evenly, so that the candle will burn evenly when I decide to use it more frequently. Do yourself a favor and pick this up next time you are at or near the mall, the candle is supposed to burn for approximately 25 to 45 hours! My bath and bodyworks haul included this candle, the Rose Water and Ivy, Cactus Blossom and Sun - Washed Citrus at the Bath and Bodyworks $8.95 day and I am real happy with the decision to shop that day.

I am really into starting some DIY projects soon and candles are on my list, so please stay tuned and stay asking for candle making updates because they are coming.

Essential Oil Diffusers


I am a weirdo and I accept my flaws, but I have two essential oil diffusers and I am not embarrassed about it. They sit on my bookshelf on opposite sides of a Himalayan Salt Lamp - which all of you should also check out, they purify your air. But don’t buy a salt lamp if you have cats, I've heard they can be deadly - and they look super dope and smell amazing because I am getting double the essential oil goodness. I have two diffusers because one I bought at a co-op in NYC when I visited in 2016 and the other because I wanted to get an alarm clock and obviously had to buy the alarm clock that just happened to be on a diffuser. And no I do not use that alarm clock, it does have a Bluetooth speaker so I think I made a great choice!

Yes, its a little crazy but I mostly enjoy using my diffusers to calm myself to sleep. Of course I use them at all times when I am interested, but because these are plugged in and on my bookshelf they are tethered to my room and like most of us where I lay my head at night. I find using the diffuser at this time works well for me because it’s never an intrusive scent or smell even if the combination I pick that night isn't my favorite. I also like to have these going when I'm cleaning my room or picking up clothes and organizing. Of course with air mist, its going to be concentrated pretty heavily in that one room. I like keeping mine in my room because I like what it does to the space. I recommend a diffuser for larger rooms in your house as well, but because its just diffusing vapor you may not get a wall to wall smell. Regardless, it'll be a great aroma and keep your shit smelling fresh. I think essential oil diffusers are really a step above the rest when it comes to how the scent is being dispersed. The fact that its diffused into a vapor means its safe to use at all times and you can control how much essential oil drops to use which will control the strength! Please remember to clean your diffusers out, they can get pretty gross and mold can grow inside so take time to care for your tools. When I set my diffusers up I typically clean the water out and wipe it down with a paper towel before reusing, unless I just refilled the day before or day of. I fill to the line in the machine and just tip over my essential oil bottles until I am satisfied with the scent. I tend to mix scents because I just want to, but you can always just toss one scent in the diffuser to get a fuller independent smell.

 A lot of my current oils are from Aura Cacia for the same reason I have a lot of Kalli incense, when I worked at the co-op it was the most accessible and reasonably priced. I do really like Aura Cacia, they sell a quality product and they sell a variety of great essential oils, carrier oils and much more. I know I’m getting a good quality product when I purchase from them. I've also been digging into bulk shopping while doing research for some other ideas I have for the blog, stay tuned for updates for where I'm getting my materials from because we all like to save a little coin while living in our own luxury.

Some of my favorite oil combinations include:

Rose water concentrate and eucalyptus

Eucalyptus and Lemon


Eucalyptus and Lavender

Peppermint and Orange

Check out Aura Cacia's recipe catalogue, they go really hard with this stuff so take a look here!

Miscellaneous Smell Good Home Items

I think I about covered all of the strong smells I typically use on a daily basis. Here are some smell good items that don’t pack as much of a punch but keep my environment smelling clean and fresh.

Sage - I use sage to clear my home and my tarot deck. I don’t much use for aromatherapy but it’s a great idea to smudge your home every once in a while and renew that energy anyway. Sage does have a strong smell and I enjoy it so I often don’t mind lighting it up to shuffle my deck!


Glade Plugins- These are really good to keep the background of your home smelling fresh and good and you can get these at any Target. Because I have so many other scents rolling through my spaces I typically get these in really basic scents like Clean Linen or Ocean Breeze. One comment I will make about the glade plugins is that they do not last a very long time. One will usually run out on me within two weeks and I find that timeframe to be shitty, so I might go back to using the Wallflowers from Bath and Bodyworks because those last a significantly longer time and they smell awesome.

Car scents- I have been using these since I got my first car when I was 16. These things are true life savers and ups your vehicles comfortability. Also who wants to get in a stanky, musty ol car? Nobody! One of these babies placed right on your air vents is key to living a new life. I use the Bath and Bodyworks Car Scentportables but I know the car glade one works just as well. Oddly enough though when I am riding in my moms car and she has one of the glade ones in her vents, it irritates my skin so be careful with those, whatever brand you use.

Sexy Time!


Aight aight aight, this a bonus section because I personally like to have a little calming scent rolling while I'm getting it in. I am a serious ball of anxiety, so having a calming presence in the room is really helpful for me to relax and enjoy what's happening. If you are having sexy time with a partner, make sure they aren't sensitive to anything. Smells and smoke that are off-putting can make sexy time be emergency room time so please be careful, yes again. Candles are always a really good idea for something light during your sexy time, try White Barn's (Bath and Body Works) Rose Water and Ivy. It has a really great rose sent which I incorporate a lot in these scenarios. Rose for obvious reasons can be really romantic, it sets the mood with a refreshing and clean floral essence. The ivy brings the candle into a more earthy floral aroma and as an earth sign it really grounds me to my mission at hand. Another really good way to romanticize your shit is the handy essential oil diffuser. As I mentioned I am a creep so my essential oil diffusers can produce a relatively strong scent in my room, not strong overpowering, but stronger than one essential oil diffuser. If you have used one before or been around one they are very faint in smell depending on the machinery, remember we are talking about an electronic that can cost you up to $100. Neither one of my diffusers cost anywhere near that amount so I did what I had to do. When I use my diffuser I mix rose water concentrate and eucalyptus and it is some next level shit. Again rose has that nice floral scent, but eucalyptus is calming like the spa. I will add that I don’t really recommend incense for sexy time unless you use a really common or basic scent like Frankincense + Myrrh or Egyptian Musk. It can be really overpowering and often times can burn for longer than an hour. Maybe if incense is your thing use it in an open space. There are lots of awesome ways to appreciate aromatherapy while getting some body therapy (if you know what I mean) so try out some different things and keep note of what works best for you. Seriously, you should really always do what feels right and use the scents that call to you the most. So turn on your essential oil diffuser/alarm clock/Bluetooth speaker, some "lets get it on" tunes with your lil essential oil combination and get busy people. We love a better sex experience!

Oh and men, step your pussy game up with aromatherapy. For real, I'm only trying to help. 

If you would be more interested in me taking a deeper look at the real practice of Aromatherapy let me know in the comments section below. I think its practice outside of Western cultures lame version is absolutely fascinating and full of rich information as most Eastern techniques and ways are. Also if there's anything here you haven't tried on this list, why not? Lets chat.

*all of these photos were taken and edited by me.

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