Top Ten Favorite TV Series to Binge!

Top Ten Favorite TV Series to Binge!

I watch a lot of unnecessary TV, but here's a list of my top 10 favs of all time and some special mentions! Please ignore how fine I find cartoon characters, its not my fault god made real life men a nightmare.

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

FIRST OFF, IZUMI IS A BLACK WOMAN AND WE ALL KNOW IT. FMA: Brotherhood is probably my favorite television series! The story is compelling, the characters are lovable and funny, and it has a satisfying ending that we all crave but don’t always get from anime. I also like the 2003 anime, I however find Brotherhood a better story compared to its predecessor. Without spoilers, the 2003 anime introduces a whole set of different characters with a different end game, in Brotherhood the stakes are high with a plot for world domination. This show also has really incredible way of displaying a myriad of emotions, sadness, determination, rage and pure fucking joy. Major plus, Captain Buccaneer and Major Miles are hot, also special S/O to Sig Curtis and Van Hohenheim who are also lookers!


Into the Badlands

I’ll start with this, Sunny needs to learn how to double tap. This show is visually stunning and some of the best fight scenes I've seen in recent television. I also thought the costumes and characters were perfect and made the visuals of the show even more appealing. Although I haven't finished this series, still have yet to watch Season 3, I thought the story was appetizing. Great fiction has a way of pulling you deep into a world of imagination and leaves you wanting more, everything to do with the Badlands was interesting in mysterious ways. The show is about a kid, M.K., who gets rescued by a super bad ass fighter Sunny. We later find out that Sunny is a sworn head fighter with crazy amount of kills to a Barron in the Badlands. The Badlands has multiple Barron's and is a place of horror and anguish, nobody can figure out if there is a real way out. Add a little bit of love, teenage love, betrayal and cool ass action scenes and you’ve got yourselves a nice little Into the Badlands cocktail.



Burton Guster is probably the best character television has ever seen, he's the black coworker/family we all love but is as ridiculous as they come! Psych is a really important show to me because it came into my life at a time where I really needed humor and a methodical not really/kinda definitely a cop drama. But the show follows a guy named Shawn who lies to police about being a psychic when he's actually just a self obsessed man who happens to have extremely detailed observational skills. Shawn and his best friend Gus (Burton) start a psychic detective agency and things start getting wild. There's plenty of fun characters, lots of white dudes :( but clever in all the right ways. The mysteries are very well composed, they also make hella popular culture references which is great for nostalgia! One of my favorite villains from the show is the Ying-Yang killer, this arc takes you through a really brainy, mysterious and dangerous ride, with lots of crazy twists and turns.

Brooklyn Nine- Nine


I whole heartedly will say fuck 12, but damn I love a good cop show and that’s why there's two on this list. Fox did a really great job with Brooklynn Nine - Nine, they have always had a good run with comedy shows and I don’t think any of us comedy fans will ever forget Mad TV, I am however excited to see what NBC will do with the program. Andy Samberg is a personal favorite, Lonely Island was a great period of my life filled with dumb ass music videos. Also, why does no body remember their teenage drama YouTube mini series? I cannot be the only person in life who has seen that! Anyway, this show is surprisingly dynamic in ways I didn’t think we would get from a cop show. Although for obvious reasons the show is probably written by folks who aren't stuck in the dark ages but I didn’t expect them to delve into the morality of being a cop in a later season. All the personality's on the show are also a high point, Captain Holts addiction to kwazy cupcakes, Boyle and his love of authentic worldly cuisine, Gina in her qweendom and even the cutie Cheddar. Even if you aren't a fan of cops, I do recommend you check this baby out, especially if you love to laugh.

Hunter X Hunter

I am still mid this series, in the Greed Island arc, but I have really enjoyed how this anime has played out so far. Gon is a boy from Whale Island who wishes to find his father who is a Hunter and his only way to find his father is to also become a Hunter. Thus the story begins! Even though I haven't gotten to everything this show offers, I've already seen one of the craziest anime fights to exist - Its on a YouTube video so its gospel - with the one deadly villain that was about pure revenge! There's lots of stories to follow and get into with this series. Learn about the Hunter exam and all its trials and tribulations, how fucking smooth Nen can be and the bad bitches of assignation the Zoldyck's. There's some subtitle snobs out there who if they haven't seen will love it because its all subtitles baby and the voice acting is still enjoyable.

Death Note


Most satisfying show ending ever. I mean it took a long fucking time and everything that happened was insane but this series was exceptionally gratifying! In this tale we have Light who finds a notebook one day after school, upon reading the pages in the notebook he discovers that this particular book has some special powers, it can kill people as long as you have their name. This starts a plot of a homicidal psychopath who believes he's gotten this power so he can be God, thus Kira is born. Woo, what can I say about this journey except you will be fucking pissed for majority of how this story will play's out. The ups and downs and the sheer amount of fuckery that happens makes this one hell of a good show. The animation is perfect, the plot was written with clever twists and turns along the way. But as I said, the ending is some of the most satisfying shit you will ever encounter. Keeping this as spoiler free will make for a really good viewing if you haven't seen! Enjoy.

Bobs Burgers

Andy and Oli are the twins I deserve. As you can see I have a thing for animated shows as the rest of the shows on this list are animated. Bobs Burgers is just one of those feel good shows! This series is about the Belcher Family and all their wacky ways, Bob the father is a chef and started the family business, a burger joint. Bob makes great food, but he just cant get anyone in the doors thus they are poor and constantly struggling. I am sure many of us can relate to the struggle gang. This doesn’t seem like the most feel good shit but add in Linda and the kids and now you're cooking with gas! Each of these characters have their ticks and big personalities and you cant help but to enjoy seeing them together. They also run the typical sitcom schedule so sit back and enjoy great Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and Valentines day drama with this family, their friends and little sea side town are here to make you laugh!

The Stevens Universe


Stevens Universe is a beautiful fucking show. Rebecca Sugar has made something truly unique and special with this cartoon. Steven is a boy who is half gem half human and he has a big big lovable personality. Steven has a pretty special family, without extreme spoilers his mother is gone but his dad and his moms three closet gem friends/Calvary are raising Steven! Plus there's the other kooky characters in Beach City and the Gems from Homeworld we get to know and learn to love. What's really interesting about this show are the complex discussion of and analyzation of gender roles and identity. There's lots of love between all characters no matter what their physical appearance may be. All of this comes with the sadness and growth of a child coping with a loss of a parent. These themes have been beautifully illustrated by Sugar and her team of writers, plus there's lots of fun music to bop along too. Wonderfully talented Estelle plays the gorgeous, dynamic and awesome Garnet. The song Stronger Than You is truly a Gem! (warning, music video may contain a spoiler)

Avatar: The Last Airbender


Pure revolutionary awesomeness and hilarity ensues when you watch this series. Its beautifully written and the story pulls from various cultures around the world which seems extremely appropriate for a show where the characters travel. Aang is an Airbender who wakes up in an ice orb when two Water Tribe kids find him, turns out Aang has been in that orb for 100 years. What's even crazier is the Fire Nation is the cause of it all and they've committed genocide and horrendous acts in the last 100 years. There are probably lots and lots of twitter threads about the specifics of the story and the exact cultural references the show makes which I suggest trying to find if you're interested. One thing very important to me is all the ways the women in the show continuously are the true heroes and guide the male characters to be better. For example when Sokka meets The Kyoshi Warriors and his initial reaction is to underestimate them until he learns their customs. But also the stories of redemption, the effects of mental health, genocide, forgiveness and love, how could you not love such a sweet show such as this. Check out this wonderful cartoon, you wont regret. Flameo Friends!

The Legend of Korra

This series was DARK, and I mean hella dark, Korra had to fight extremist terrorists, cult leaders and dark spirits that had been locked up since the dawn of bending, like what the fuck she only a teenager? Compared to the first Avatar series I can tell they wanted to make it more mature for the growing audience, but I felt the subject matter may have been a little extreme for a "cartoon" the psychological trauma the story/avatar brought Korra was a little much. I enjoyed that characters from the first series were included, they were old and nearing the ends of their lives but as spry, loving and comical as they were in the first series as children. Seeing Ang and Katars's son help Korra become an Airbender was beautiful, I've also always been a fan of the name Tenzin so it really worked out. And Tenzins kids were funny as hell, Meelo season 1, 2 and 3 was so cute. Overall it was awesome seeing that middle generation show the fuck out! SPOILERS: Asami and Korra are lesbians. Lin and Suyin Beifong are the baddest bitches bending, that incredible scene of them fighting ol terrorist guy was incredible! Lastly, special S/O to how fine Korra daddy, Tonraq is.


Special Mentions - Parks and Rec and The Golden Girls

Both of these shows are really special to me, The Golden Girls because it’s a classic and Parks and Recreation because its my go to depression show. Whenever I am feeling down Leslie and the gang make me laugh! Seriously, Parks and Rec will cure your depression.

Thanks for taking time to read and learn a little more about me and what kind of shows I enjoy! If you’ve seen that Lonely Island teenage drama series comment below, lets discuss how weird it was! Or if you have any of the same shows on your top ten list, similar shows of interest or shows you think I'll like, comment below! Lets get some dialogue going. What are some of your favorite shows to binge right now?

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